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Colter & Peterson Products
Specialists in Servicing and Rebuilding Paper Cutters.


Colter & Peterson has over 70 years of experience and extensive knowledge of nearly every cutter manufactured: their histories, characteristics and the know how to rebuild them just like new. We are the nation's foremost supplier of paper cutters with an inventory of over 200 machines.

Our fully integrated rebuilding facility completely strips and cleans every machine while replacing worn items from our spare parts inventory. Electrical wiring and control panels are modernized and often computerized, while all hydraulic and pneumatic systems are updated and rebuilt. The cutters are repainted and fully tested by our experienced technicians.

STEP 1 - Disassembly and Inspection

All machines are brought into the rebuilding facility and completely disassembled and inspected. The machine base, frame and all components are thoroughly cleaned. All worn parts are identified for replacement or repair.

STEP 2 - Machining of Major Components

After being cleaned, the machine frames, guiding surfaces, clamp and knife carrier are machined to restore guiding surfaces to like-new tolerances. Components that need to be replaced are purchased or fabricated in our machine shop to the manufacturer's original specifications.

STEP 3 - Painting

After the machine components are reassembled, they are primed and painted. All applicable interior and exterior surfaces are finished.

STEP 4 - Reassembly and Testing

Cleaned, machined and painted paper cutters are reassembled. All remaining components are repaired or replaced. Hydraulic and pneumatic units, as well as electric control systems are double checked to ensure they meet current standards. After reassembly and installation of new computer controls; the machine is thoroughly tested prior to shipment.

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