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"On Demand" Book Trimmer

The Accutrim "On Demand" book trimmer is manufactured by Colter & Peterson. Perfect for small to medium-sized runs on a moment's notice, it features outstanding accuracy and repeatability, super-fast setup and easy maintenance and device management.

Accutrim Book Trimmer
Key Features
  • Accuracy and carefulness: The "On Demand" trimmer makes straight, square, clean cuts with excellent repeatability. Its patented bi-directional cutting process eliminates spine tearing (chip-out) and the need to turn books onto their top cover for the final trim. And special clamping for the "Nailhead" means no crushing of the spine on the infeed and knife clamps.
  • Easy logistics: The "On Demand" takes minimum floor space, and requires no outside air. (If required it can be connected to house air.) One operator can set up and start a run in less than 20 seconds.
  • Intelligent device management: A device check screen and on-screen error messages ensure correct operation. The machine keeps track of the current job count and its total cycle count, and signals on screen for regular maintenance.
Schematic Diagram
Cycles per hour Up to 240
Setup Time(Per Run) Less than 20 seconds

Book Specifications Position 1
Position 2
Pile height 2.00" 2.00"
Spine to face min. 5.75"
Spine to face max. 10.5"
Head to foot min. 7.5" 7.5" 7.5" 7.5"
Head to foot max. 13.0" 12.5" 11.75" 11.25"

Two-up (Optional) Length: 3.0" minimum to 13" maximum

Cycle time 15 seconds minimum

Machine Height 52.25"
Machine Width 40"
Machine Depth 37"
Machine Weight 1,000 lbs


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